Camera View Correction

Hi everybody…

As an ArchViz user…

In 3ds Max… here is my default camera view

I can change the view (for the same camera) by adding a (Camera Correction) modifier

Is it possible to achieve this in UE4…!!?

Here is an UE4’s camera view

Best Regards

Looks like you just changed the camera’s focal length.

Essentially yes, but in max it can do it automatically. On vray cameras it can do it separately on horizontal and vertical axis with a press of a button so all actually vertical lines are vertical in camera.
I guess it would be nice to have a feature that would quickly allow to do this in UE4

So; it is a non (existing/available) feature…!!? :frowning:
Even Though; I believe there must be some developers can find a way to control (Camera lines verticality) in UE4…
I hope one of them may visit this thread :slight_smile: