Camera View comparable to XCOM/Fallout Shelter.

Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to create a gameplay system comparable to XCOM/Fallout Shelter, where you use drag and drop to move the camera from the player. (Being able to place buildings etc on a Grid is another story, just this basic control system for now)

You have this side view on your Base (Vault, in Fallout’s case) and drag&drop the camera with holding your left mouse button (or hitting the edges of your screen).

I am currently lost at getting this working. It might be really easy, but I am missing a point somewhere.

Should I also just create a blank project for this or use the side scroller examples and modify the player bp?


There are two ways i can think of doing this.
1, Keep the camera attached to the player, and modify the camera offset based on mouse movement(when against edges of screen or key press and detecting mouse location using X,Y co-ords), the problem with an offset, is if the player moved the camera would move relative to where the player is(eg would remain same distance away) unless you added a function to handle that.
2, Create a separate camera object and control the two separately