Camera Transition Question

Anybody have ideas on smooth transitioning of top down camera location? Wanted to have the top down camera similar to that of Metal Gear Solid (PS1). Something like this would be perfect, but this guy sort of vanished.

You can switch between cameras with the “Set View Target with Blend” node. Then you can set the
speed by changing the Blend Time value. Its easier to do it with 2 cameras if you want to switch from the top down camera to a fixed camera temporaily.

Thank you. Still new at this.Got that setup and swapping now. I’m sure I’m missing something really obvious, but after the transition to Camera2 to have it not be static and follow the character similar to the standard top down what do I need to change? Any ideas?

What I do is I have one camera in my character blueprint and two arrow object. One where the camera is i initially and another arrow object above the character. When I switch the camera, I simply set its location and rotation to the location and rotation of the second arrow object with lerp (linear interpolation) and a timeline. The camera is in the player character so it will always follow it. Sorry I can’t post an example, I’m out of home but I’ll try to post some pics tonight

Edit : wait, or can you just have two cameras in the character blueprint and switch between them with ‘set view target with blend’ ?

I think i missunderstood the question. If you want “both” cameras to follow the character only use one camera. Make the camera a child to a Spring Arm. Then you can set the cameras distance from the player by changing the target arm length of the spring arm. And use a Set Relative Rotation node to change camera rotation and pitch. With a spring arm the camera will stay foucused on the player while being moved.
The solution i gave earlier is more appopiate when going to a camera that dosent follow the player.
The camera in the example only rotates around a table. so in your case make sure the spring arm and camera are inside the Player Character blueprint.