Camera Transition Help

Hello, I have a problem and I can not find anything on the internet to solve it so I hope you can help me please.

I expose the problem: The game is played in the third person with a camera that constantly follows the character (the camera is part of the BP character). But when he enters a room for example, the camera changes to a fixed camera (which I know how to do so far). But the problem is that when the camera changes, the character keeps the direction indicated by the camera of his BP, and I would like to be able to tell Unreal to take the new camera as a reference for movements.

thank you in advance

I guess you’re using Forward/Right vector from default camera rotation attached to BP character?
You can manually set a new camera instead for this calculation whenever you change the camera. Alternatively, you can use** GetPlayerCameraManager **to access active camera rotation and just use it all the time