Camera to follow actor but not rotate.

Hey all!

I want to make a top down shooter

I have a camera that right now follows the character whever he moves but also looks in the direction of where im moving the mouse. Im struggling with making the character rotation independant of the camera.

I just want the camera to be floating overhead and the character to be able to move freely and rotate freely based on the mouse position.

this is my blueprint so far of basic player movement and look input:

Any ideas on what i can do to get it working as intended?

If you are using a Spring Arm to connect the camera to the character, make sure you uncheck Inherit Pitch, Inherit Roll, Inherit Yaw in the properties of the Spring Arm.

That still doesnt seem to work, cant even turn the character anymore.
these are my spring arm settings:

Strange. How did you setup your character? The Spring Arm should not affect the movement of your character, only that of the camera which is parented to it.

This is literally my setup now.

character can move and look around however the camera still follows the location of the mouse, I just want the character to rotate to mouse position and the camera to follow the character in a fixed overhead position.

EDIT: I had to check “Use Pawn Control Rotation” or the camera would do some weird rotation above the character

I don’t think you need the LookPitch input and rotation. That doesn’t belong to a top-down game and it is very likely causing you some issues. LookYaw is ok though, that is what makes your character turn in place. Since the SpringArm is not following the Yaw Rotation, the camera is not supposed to rotate with the character.

You’re right i dont need that but the camera is still rotating :confused:
Do you think the animation blueprint could affect rotation of the camera?

I don’t think so, unless you have root motion animations. Can you show how your character (pawn) is setup?

Im using the animations from the Anim Starter Pack.

these are the components attached to my character BP (if thats what you mean)

Hi, I realize this is an old thread but curious if you ever found a solution to your problem?

I’m guessing that you’ve already tried unticking the “Inherit Yaw” parameter. If the spring arm component in your character has its rotation type set to “Relative”, try changing it to “World”.

Yeah I tried that but I think Im realizing what I want to do with my camera is a bit different than OP. Basically I have a side scroller with a spline controlled character that moves on all axis. I want the camera to be at a location offset from the character like you would see in hollow knight etc but when the player changes rotation i want the camera to change rotation to adjust to where he is going BUT not to adjust rotation when he is going ‘‘backward’’ because then the camera is on the wrong side of my level…

Not sure if I make sense though :confused:

Hi, anyone managed to get that problem solved? i’ve been looking to achieve this too, but no luck so far … Nothing posted here helped, Thanks

Parent your Spring Arm to a Cube (any object really), then change that cube rotation from Relative to World.