Camera Tilt using Blueprints Glitches

I have gotten my Drone Camera (which is a Pawn) to tilt back/forth left/right when it moves. However, it glitches some times and I have not been able to find where the issue is.

Here are my blueprints:

I also tried the code another way (set physics angular velocity), but it interfered with my look-around-with-mouse blueprint (the drone can look around with the mouse but should tilt when moved)

Here are the look blueprint:

I would really appreciate if you guys could help me come up with some kind of solution :slight_smile: Here is a video where you can see the glitching, especially toward the end: - YouTube


I got this working with the following (getting the input axis (exterior from screenshot) for left-right and up-down movements), but still a little bit glitchy. Any help to get it better is welcome.

Hi, what is plugged into to left that is not in the screenshot? I am fairly new and still getting the hang of things. Thanks

Thanks for the quick response. Also, what is the InputAction Camera Inclination?

“(getting the input axis (exterior from screenshot) for left-right and up-down movements)”

Basically you need to get the node which gets the input axis value (which is between -1 and 1) of the controller, which you specify in Edit → Project Settings. There is a section there for controller input.

For example, there you can add a new entry (naming is to your liking), specify the extent of the value (default -1 to 1) and which button will modify it.

Look over here for controls: Project Settings | Unreal Engine Documentation