Camera Tick Even when Paused

If you have a camera with ‘Tick Even when Paused’ enabled, it will tick while paused, however it will not update the viewport.

Hi Taisaku,

Thank you for the report. This is a known issue that has been logged as JIRA UE-17286 in our system. It is queued to be investigated by the developers and we will post back here with updates as we have them.



UE 4.8.3: I had the same problem today. I was able to fix it by setting bShouldPerformFullTickWhenPaused = true in the APlayerController ( in addition to bTickEvenWhenPaused of the camera ). This flag is checked in the UWorld::Tick and then PlayerController->UpdateCameraManager(…) updates the view as expected.


Hi TJ, is there any update about this?

Hi John,

Our resources have been allocated else where and the JIRA was set to a lower priority so it will not be fixed at this time. If you know of any other users reporting this issue, please post links here and maybe we can get some more traction on the issue.

I need this resolved as well.
(currently on 4.11, waiting on a plugin. If this is solved in 4.12, disregard.)


Can I know which file you used for this fix?
Can’t seem to find it from my part, maybe cause I’m not from programming background.

Thank you. You just saved my life. I was digging into engine source trying to figure out why my camera was not moving while paused, even though everything was updating. I can confirm that is still an issue in 4.15.

This is still an issue in 4.15. Any updates on JIRA UE-17286?


This worked for me too. I’m on 4.17

Ok so I set bShouldPerformFullTickWhenPaused = true in PlayerController.cpp, bTickEvenWhenPaused = true in the camera, but after that I got lost and couldn’t figure out what to do and the camera view obviously still doesn’t update. I feel like it’s a very easy and quick fix but I can’t wrap my head around it for the life of me. Could you write a very small step-by-step guide for ignoramuses like me?

Is this still an issue? I am trying to also change a camera view while the game is paused in menu and camera refuses to change view. This is on 4.18!

We’re now up to 4.22 and still the same issue.

I have the same problem!!!

JIRA UE-17286 in version 4.22 has not yet been fixed!!!

4.26 6 years later… they fixed the movement but the camera view is distorted. To fix the distortion:

if (GetWorld())
		GetWorld()->bIsCameraMoveableWhenPaused = true;

Credits: Moving Unreal Engine Camera While Game Is Paused - Tom Looman

still nothing?

It doesn’t explain how to access this variable if bIsCameraMoveableWhenPaused = true;