Camera through wall and ground


I’m new in Unreal developement and I have a little problem. When I move my camera it don’t stop and go through wall and ground like you can see on my screenshot.

How can I do for bloking that ?

thx :slight_smile:

You need to do camera work. I don’t know if there is a tutorial on it or a ready solution. Have you searched?

Basically, put a collision sphere around the camera that blocks and don’t move the camera if it’s trying to overlap the sphere. How you do that is up to you.

If you are still having problems with this, check if you can set a custom collision and if you can set it to collide with the camera and that will solve it. If you can’t do that you can place a blocking volume across the areas and set it up the same way.

It actually use to not be like this however you can setup a collision sphere around the camera and set it up to block different types of things like world static and such…

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I have some things you might try. First, make sure your camera is centered on the CameraBoom exactly like it is in the ThirdPersonCharacterBP. Second, there’s an option under Project Settings>Engine>General Settings>Near Clip Plane. Changing this value might help. From what I know, you may need to restart your project each time you change this value (in your case, lowering the value).

Here’s a video explaining more on that:

Hope that helps!


this tutorial helped me with your problem:

Here’s my setup. The parent camera arm has collision test. Mine’s a spring arm and it makes it very smooth and you can control how annoying or not annoying the camera is with a spring arm. Unreal has world class camera programming, I have insanely fast and intense perspective changes with lots of collisions and it works buttery smooth with the right tweaks. Limiting angular velocity is a good thing to do imo.

Activating the “DO COLLISION TEST” solved my issue.

Thank you very much for your help!

I have same problem but do collision test or near cliping plane is not working :frowning:

same problem. “DO COLLISION TEST” is already active^^

there must be a way through blueprint

I believe the spring arms collision isn’t on the camera that’s parented to it, but on the spring itself. So, if the camera that’s child to the spring arm has an offset, it will push through assets. If you need it to have an offset for whatever reason, then it should be within the distance you have set for the springs ‘probe size’. For example, if your probe size is 50 (not sure if this is radius, or diameter. Keep that in mind), then you can offset your camera in any direction by that amount. So if you want it to be higher, but not collide through assets above you, this is how you can achieve that. It’s good to keep a slight buffer though.

I’m not sure if this helps, or fixes anyones issues, but I stumbled across this post and noticed some people are still having issues, so thought I’d put my 2 bits in.

Change the Target Arm Length of the CameraBoom.