Camera stops working; changes view to spot in the scene where the camera is?

Hey all,

I’ve got a very simple scene set up to view jewelry in. It’s one static camera, set up with a “Set view Target with Blend” in my level blueprint.

Seemingly randomly, it “pops” out of the camera view, and instead focuses on the empty spot in the scene where the camera actor is (when I stop playing, the screen stays in the same place it “popped” out to, which is focused on the camera actor)

Any idea why this is happening?

Thank you!

This is the only thing relating to my camera anywhere;

Maybe current view target becomes invalid? Do you destroy it at any point or set the reference to null? Hard to say without seeing any script.

I meant the Camera Actor itself. Do you do anything to it? Move it? Destroy it?

Also, is the camera on a spring arm?

Nothing gets done to the camera itself; my scene is just a camera, aimed at a piece of jewelry at 0.0. The jewelry’s static meshes are children of an actor that has scripting in it to allow it to be rotated (basically, click and drag to move the jewelry around to see different angles of it.) I made it this way since I’m importing the jewelry with Datasmith from Rhino, so a lot of static meshes come in that I can’t interact with otherwise. (unless I can and there’s a better way, I’m still new to this!)

It has no spring arm, though… should it be attached to the rotation blueprint with a spring arm, instead of just floating in my scene?

I had no player pawn, so one would spawn by default and fall until it was out of bounds. Setting the default pawn to none in the project settings fixed it!