Camera spins 360 degrees in cinematic while panning...

I have been having this problem forever. It’s probably an easy fix but not easy enough that I have figured it out lol. The idea below is to have the camera pan across the stage while pointing towards the character. Half way through it will spin 360 degrees. The video shows what happens and I need to find a fix. I’m not the best in describing things so I made the vid and pics. Any help would be great. I appreciate it.

Thanks for the response. I’m not the most descriptive person lol. I have this problem in sequencer and previously in Matinee. What I do is place the camera actor within the sequence while piloting it. I get the camera where I want it and then set the transform to the camera position. Then I move down the timeline a bit and place the camera in another location and then set the transform to the new position. I’m noticing that the Z rotation on the camera actor starts out at like -125 where I have it placed. Where I have it ending, the Z rotation is at 125. So for it to go from -125 to 125 it goes back down to 0 and then up to 125 which makes the camera turn around the opposite way to get to the end position. (Hopefully that made sense lol)

Is there a way to make the camera rotate based on 360 degrees instead of going into the negaties and positives? If there is any other info you need please let me know. And I appreciate your patience and help :slight_smile:

I tried, but I failed yet again lol. I changed the rotation in small doses but once the Z rotaion hits -180 it goes back down through 0 to get to + 170 which is only like a 10 degree difference. However at the end of the vid I see that if I adjust the Z rotation in the details panel it changes from “-180 - +180” to "0 - 360 degrees. When I test it out by always adjusting the rotation in the details panel the problem doesn’t occur but it just seems like one extra step. Is it because I’m piloting it or something. It’s wierd to me but I am an eternal noob who does this for fun lol. I appreciate the assist. :slight_smile: