Camera Speed for GamePlay mode

Hi !
I’m a newbie. Is there a way to quickly change the camera speed (WASD) for game play mode ? I can do this for viewport but doesn’t apply this setting for gameplay mode.

Thanks in advance!

Hi! What do you mean by game play mode?
Pressing G? or in-game? something else?

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In case “gameplay mode” means clicking play (Play in selected viewport, Play in new editor window etc), that’s a game so it needs to be scripted. You need to tell the game code what you want to do. Blueprints or C++. Something like character with camera and changing character speed. In case you’re using a default template from Epic, like Third person or First person template, open up the character and find Character movement in components tab, and edit Max walk speed (you can search for it from the top of the panel).

In other case gameplay mode means something related to editor like after ejecting during play, you can increase / decrease speed of fly over controls with scroll wheel (the same what works in viewport).

Good luck

YES, I meant while playing. So, there are no quick settings like Camera Speed or RMB+MouseScroll when playing the game ? There is for mouse look why not have it for WASD too ? Since I’m learning, I just quickly test out lot of stuffs, for that I can’t go and create characters and blueprint walkspeed and all.

I just wished there was easy fly over controls while test-playing the game without having to create other stuffs. That would have been so much easier. But this is also not too bad. I mean it’s a little frustating when the speed is so fast but I can live with it. :slight_smile:

In UE5 I was able to reduce the camera speed like this (without creating additional stuff):

  1. Go to Game Mode
  2. Press Shift+F1, that will make your mouse cursor appear
  3. In World Outliner click on Default Pawn and go to its Details
  4. In Details scroll until you see Floating Pawn Movement
  5. Adjust Max Speed to reduce WASD camera speed

Another way is to access the default Pawn:

This allows you to adjust speed with the mouse scroll wheel.


I am newbie too. Can we set these values for by default? While creating launch pack for pc or mobile, I need these values to be set already (not changeable).
Thanks in advance.

  • create a pawn
  • re=parent to default pawn:


  • movement component can be modified:


is the answer you were hoping for?


Hi @anonymous_user_1cdc93aa1, thanks for your tips. I’ve been trying to find a solution for this issue. I realised that the solution you suggested only work when in Game Mode. It will reset back to it’s original setting when I exit the Game Mode.

By any chance you would have a permanent solution to it, such that I would not need to go through the solution you suggested when I enter Game Mode?

Thank you!

HI @Everynone, thank you for your detailed suggestion. I’ve tried to follow the steps which you suggested, however, seems like there is no changes in speed when in Game Mode.

I would have to adjust the speed while in Game Mode, as of what @anonymous_user_1cdc93aa1 suggested in the earlier post. However, I would have to repeat the steps every time I enter Game Mode.

Is there a permanent solution to this? Thank you in advance!

When in the Game Mode blueprint:

get pawn → cast to your pawn → get movement component → set your settings

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I believe that is what I did, as posted in my previous post. Created a Pawn, changed its Parent Class to Default Pawn. Then select Movement Component and adjust the Max. Speed, Acceleration and Deceleration to 20000. Compile the BP and save and launch to Game Mode.

However, seems like no difference in speed. Did I miss out any steps?

What do you mean by ‘launch to Game Mode’? Are we talking about the Game Mode blueprint or just playing the game?

The game is using the default pawn by default unless you specify otherwise. How is your new pawn making it into the game?

Do you spawn it, place it the scene, possess, have the game mode BP spawn it? Some other way? Making a pawn in the Content Browser accomplishes little unless you actually start using it.

Pardon my explanation as I’m pretty new to UE. This is what I meant by “launch to Game Mode”. I believe the latter, “just playing the game” (shortcut key= Alt + P)

Screenshot 2022-11-03 163718

I’m kinda lost as to your last sentence. So I believe I have created a BP, as per your previous suggestion. How do I use it then?

There are many, many ways to use a Pawn. Start with this, see if you can get it to work:

  • in the Pawn:

  • add it to the scene by dragging it there from the Content Browser:


@Everynone, thanks for the tips! It worked! Appreciate your help.