Camera smoothing in first person.

having some issues with our camera. the camera is directly driven by the mouse controller but the game is not a twitch first person shooter so immediate action is not needed.

the camera needs some kind of smoothing a soft in and out to it so that it follows mouse movement instead of moving exactly in time with it.

so I guess I am wondering how to add a soft in and out to angular rotation on both meshes and camera while still having them driven by the mouse…
hope thats clear.

Hey Fenrix,

If you haven’t already checked out the Interp To options, check out the nodes FInterp To and RInterp To. These aid with smoothing between locations or rotations over time:


Hope that helps!


Thank’s a bunch, exactly what we were after.

plz can u tell me where is this Interp To options coz iam not able to find in blue print i too wanted smoothen the camera when i press play the camera is too quick and afetr the recording is done it disturbs our eyes plz do help
thank you

Hi, Im having the same problem and dont understand how to use the “RInterp To”… Deadline coming up real soon so please help!