Camera "Shoots" forward when jumping over objects

welcome :slight_smile: I think the issue is that your camera spring arm is colliding with the scenery. To test for this, just go to the Spring arm component and turn off collision… if the issue persists, just come back here and we’ll figure it out

When character jumps over objects the camera shoots forward. Does not happen unless something is directly under the character. I’ve included a link to a video of what’s happening. Anyone know any fixes to this. Thanks in advance!

Camera Issue

It worked! I was using the default 3rd person Mannequin which had Camera boom → follow camera. Turned the collision off on the camera boom and fixed the issue. Thanks for the help!

great! now that you have figured out what is causing the issue, you can decide whether the collision geometry of your scenery is accurate (your spring arm is colliding with some invisible collision and trying to move closer to the character), or if your spring arm settings (maybe target offset) are throwing off the connection between your character and camera.

I think it might be a blocking volume I have set up to keep the player from entering the road (which the camera will be riding along). I’m pretty inexperienced to unreal engine, is there a way to have the blocking volume make an exception for the camera boom or possibly be set to only block the player?

yes, there is… check on the spring arm collision settings… the channels etc… I forget the exact details but I’m sure you can figure it out (I think it might be the visibility channel). Good luck (game looks nice!) :slight_smile: