Camera shake when i sprint

Hello, everyone! So i’m trying to make different camera shakes for walking and sprinting in my frist person game. With tutorials i’ve made camera shake for walking, it works fine but i can’t do it by myself with sprinting. Camera instantly shakes once i press shift to toggle on and off sprint but i need it to shake the whole time i’m sprinting. Here’s my controller blueprint, hope someone can help what do i need to add so more intence shake is on while i’m sprinting and it gets back to the normal shake when i start normal wlking. Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:19d0fee1db7f158fef09a60a07b1b87fea064a63.jpeg

Cant u replay the event all the time ? For example, rotate camera to left, to right, and later replay it if keeps sprinting. To let game know when is sprinting or not and reference it in other events, u can make a boolean, only activated when sprint button is pressed, and deactivated when u release sprint button, then u can make the animation of the camera repeat all the time when variable is activated.

Gl hf :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Nick, welcome!
Try with this:

(ignore the “ERROR!” of this screenshot :rolleyes:)