Camera shake and sound upon taking damage

Hi, ive been following a tutorial online on setting up health for a fps character and have decided i want to add a little more to it, we’ve created some functions that affect the amount a player takes damage from various threats, i want to add a camera shake to the 5% damage function, ive create a camerashake bp and have then gone on to add it to the end of my takedamagae5% function, however it doesnt seem to be working, any ideas what im doing wrong? also how can i add a sound file to the same function aswell.


Thanks a lot! second question of the day but its fun learning bps, let me know if i should have wrote both questions in 1 thread, they are separate questions and so i decided to split them incase anyone else has the same question.

If i add that camera shake to the end of an actor that i place in the scene that causes me 5% damage it creates the camera shake effect upon entering the actor volume… i guess this is okay but it would be a lot better if i could get it to take place within the 5%damage function as then anything that causes me 5% damage will auto trigger the camera shake.

Edit: lol i attached the client play camera shake to the take damage 5% node with a sequence node and it worked.