Camera set-up for beat'em ups in UE4?

I’m presently working on a project that is very similar to Devil May Cry (combo-based beat’em up with platforming elements), but I’m having some issues with camera angle.

The default camera set up for third-person is nigh-unusable for moving platforms. It matches your movement so the second you land on a moving platform the entire world seems to move around you. I’d much rather the camera have a range of distance it can be from the character, translating if the character were to exceed it, but only rotating if the distance falls below the maximum. Changing the height and angle of the camera has been really difficult too. By default it looks directly at the small of the character’s back, but a game like this really calls for something up and to the side. I’ve been messing with camera and camera boom settings, but with little success.

Anything you guys can offer will be much appreciated.

Thanks a ton in advance!