Camera Set up for Beat 'em up

Hi there.

I was wondering if someone can help me with a camera setup for a beat 'em up. I’ve got side-scrolling working just fine and player movement with depth but I can’t keep the camera still along one axis. I just want the camera to track like a traditional side-scroller even if the player is moving on multiple axes. Any help would be appreciated.

(Also, complete noob at this… I’ve reverse engineered all of this using the marketplace content and still not fully grasping all the components and how they interact.)

this tut explains a lot about making gamemode, pawn, input and camera.

Just follow it and you get ide how to make your stuff.

This is great but it doesn’t explain how to keep the side scroller locked in place so that when the character moves ‘up’ and ‘down’ the camera doesn’t change axis but only stays moving left and right

wouldn’t you just use a vector to do that? assign the y and z values as 0 and only update the x value, plug it into your transform and that should do it?

I’ve done something similar.

I removed the camera from the character blue print and instead created it’s own blueprint with trigger boxes so as the character moves in to it it’s starts a time line movement.

Hope that’s what your after

Would you mind reposting that sample? I need help setting up something similar.

I also wonder this. If memory serves, in these type of games the camera doesn’t move vertically (but strafes with the player in diagonal sections), and only moves to the right when allowed, and this seems to come after the player has defeated a few bad guys in like a small segment or quadrant.