Camera Rotation

I want to restrict camera rotation, for a first person game, and I want to do somethink like real life with neck

Im in a big want of this, please help me

So you want camera woobling or restrict camera movement?

Also google for: unreal blueprint tutorial.

this may help you

Nice :D, but I have a problem, I make the camera to look like real human, butt my problem is when I rotated around, my camera will get bugged and look into my player head, of corse with limitations

I still need help, I make that, but the cemara get buggy after my character rotates around

If you need help, put bit more effort into explaining more about your problem. I doubt anybody here can guess from above sentence how that camera thingy can be fixed.

I put some variables to restrict camera rotation for a third person template to first(without switing) somethink like the forest. But on youtube I saw some videos who this… but when you rotate the camera rotate the entire body, and I dont want this, and I dont checked that part with Yaw Control.

And now with those nodes when you look around, all ok, but if you go to walk/run, and while you press w and after you get out of the w, and pless S the camera get stuck in the player head, of corese with restrictions,and that was an example, that work too with A and D. How I resolve this?

I was thinking to a solution, but I dont know how to do this, the camera it isn’t uncontrolable attacked to the player head bone, and the head to be controlated by the mouse like the camera how is right now, and with this solution(I dont know how to do that) we kill two birds with only one shoot(the 2nd is the dead rotation to the direction, a detail for multiplayer)

?? I really need your help, this beat me! I want a cemara likely outlast