Camera Rotation without using Event Tick

Probably a very simple problem, but in my Third Person BP, I currently have it so that the camera rotates on a key input, using Event Tick and the Delta Time variable. I’d like to know if there is another way to implement the same functionality, perhaps with Timer or Timeline? I’ve been trying those out, but I can only seem to get the camera to switch angles rather than rotate smoothly. My goal is to have the camera rotate smoothly to a set angle on an event trigger. Help would be much appreciated.

A looping timeline might work, youd have to still set it up in the Tick event, with a boolean, then a delay so that the event only fires every 5 seconds (or however long your timeline is).

Maybe you can set it up so that ‘K’ is an Axis Event rather than an action Event, then use ‘Input Controller Yaw’

I think the way you have it set up is fine, but multiply your Delta Seconds by world delta seconds, or a higher framerate means your rotation will go faster.