Camera rotation with Middle Mouse Button

Good evening all,

Im working with the top down example and would like to know how to hold the middle mouse button down and move my mouse left or right which would then rotate the camera around the player. I have googled but so far come up without any answers that make sense. Im guessing this is very simple and im very thick.

Thank you

Put this inside TopDownController

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Fantastic thank you, however my “get mouse X” wont connect to my Delta rotation…

right click on “delta rotation” , split rotator struct

That did it, thank you so very much, truly appreciate it. Still accepting Paypal donations? :smiley:

Yeah I still :slight_smile:

hey, thanks for the above solution. I’ve tried it but after the ‘axis != 0’ condition has been met, it keeps rotating even when im not middle-mousing. could someone help me with that?

Where does that even call to MMB?
I am posting here because this solution did not work for me, and i am still in need of one. Following this Unreal Engine 4 (4.18.3) - Rotate Camera with a mouse click - YouTube I was able to get the camera to turn when holding middle mouse button while leaving the character stationary, but this just repositions the camera. meaning, if I release MMB while at the characters side and then press forward, my camera is still at the side. I am trying to get the character to go the direction that is now forward from the camera view. the normal control is that when i turn the mouse, the character turns. this is all fine. I just want the added ability for, lets call it, a vanity cam.