Camera Rotation stops when mouse hits wall of Game Window

Hello! First time posting question, hope this makes sense.

Im creating a mouse movement where the cursor is visible, and when the left mouse is clicked, it is hidden.

I have this working, but with this code i cannot rotate the mouse past the game window border.
(see attached link for gif of what I mean)

[Screen capture - 2e435d806370980ad425bc229eb7373e - Gyazo][2]

I had the mouse showing so that you could see it.

I want the cursor to go past the game window, and if possible when the cursor hits the edge of the actual computer screen to continue to rotate the camera.

Just so people know the answer, it was the “event begin play” that was causing the problem

To be more specific: Apparently this line (or the blueprint version of it):

bShowMouseCursor = true;

should NOT be placed in the BeginPlay(). You can safely enable the mouse later but you cannot do it in the BeginPlay() of the PlayerController or it will cause this problem. I had it too. I believe that it may be an UE4 bug.