Camera rotation on x Axis

Hello guys! I would like to ask you for some help here. I am a univercity student and Im graduating in september. My Diploma Thesis if i say it right is a gaming project with unreal engine 4. I thing i am a quite good 3d modeler in Blender 3d but i havent really worked on unreal engine and i feel helpless.
I wan t to create a top down game based on wasd keys with right mouse aiming and left mouse firing for start. as a start i made the wasd keys to work. Anyone has something education to suggest to me? Thank you onfront!!

Hello and welcome! There are many demo examples provided by Epic, which can be found in the Epic Launcher, in “Learn” category. Epic is also doing live streams on twitch and then upload them on youtube. You should be able to find a lot of tutorials on YouTube.

Thank you for your response! I watched several videos and managed to make the camera rotation with mouse. The only problem is the right mouse button. I want the rotation of the character to start when its pressed. I added Right mouse button(Mouse event) in my rotation blueprint but didn t managed to make it work.Rotation.png (Eyxaristw! :D)

Greek huh? Nice! Well you can do it using “Is input key down”. Here’s an example:


Thank you very much! :slight_smile: I added an and boolean to make my two conditions and it works fine!