Camera rotation not affect player direction

Good Day,

I have made a project using the Top Down Template, then I copied the 3rd person Movement blueprint across so i move the character using WASD.

Finally I added a camera rotation Blueprint. All of this is working fine except when I rotate the camera around the player, he retains the original movement axis.

in greater detail, when first start I press W and go forward fine. But when i rotate the camera 180 and press W the player moves in the same direction instead of back to where he came.

Player Movement

Camera Rotation

This Should work.

If you wire that into a event tick it should fix your issue, The spring arm yaw adds on to the constant pawn rotation so any movement of the camera will add to the rot of the pawn making it move in the direction of the camera aswell as a set camera view.


Hope this helps

This worked great thanks!!