Camera Rotation Issue.

I am trying to rotate a camera around my player using WSAD, Where W and S move the camera up and down and A and D Rotate the camera around the player.
I am doing this by rotating the Spring arm component, it works fine for the first position its in, but if for example i rotate the camera either left or right on the Yaw and then try up or down, the up and down start is for some reason off, almost as if its Rolling instead Rotating up and down.
I should mention that the value i am changing is infact pitch and not Roll.

Im finding it hard to put into words, i hope somone understands, if not ill try and explain a little more in depth.

Try making a sphere or something as a subcomponent of your character and turn off its in-game visibility. Make the spring arm and camera children of that component and rotate it instead of the spring arm.

That does not work sadly. Anymore suggestions would be great.

I think your problem is with your lack of faith in force:

You probably are rotating camera by feeding Yaw and Roll, what i found out with blueprints is that sometimes works like rotating around Yaw then Roll.
Instead you need that so called “gimball rotation” that uses rotation matrix. I have same problem with camera, but I did not bother yet to fix it.
Blueprints and all rotation functions in Unreal should use matrix rotations.

When you MANUALLY (or not into one rotation variable at once) enter values for Yaw and then for ROLL editor does 2 separate rotations, instead of doing it gimball way of things in one rotation.
So rotating camera manually then applying those given by editor values from blueprint give different results.

Or what you think is intuitive to you looks different when it is feed to matrix equation and actually game is doing it proper way and it is you who is confused and wrong.

That could have been put less negatively towards myself, but i appreciate the effort you went through to explain.