Camera rotation around an object in scene

I’m sorry if this is easy or something, I’ve been looking this up for a while now and I can’t really figure it out.

The purpose is just to showcase a 3D character with a simple idle animation (turnaround). I already have him standing playing the animation properly, I just need the camera to constantly rotate at a single speed around him as soon as the game plays.

I’m assuming I need a rotator of some sort but I don’t know how to properly put it together.

I would have used Marmoset Toolbag 1 if I didn’t have to dig up an old version of Maya (2011) to export the animations.


Real easy.

I am guessing you are in the third person template. You can go into the event graph of your character and drag out a getter for your springArm. From there, drag off the pin and type in setRelativeRotation

add a new float track, call it Rotate, and set the time to how long you think it should take to rotate around. Make sure it is set to loop. Set the minimum float value to 0 and max to 360.

Right click and type in make rotator. Out of the Rotate pin for the float value, plug that into yaw. You can set the Pitch to whatever you like, keep it constant or make another float track and set its parameters. Plug the rotator into the setRelativeRotation

right click and type OnBeginPlay and select the action. Plug the execution pin from that into the Play on the timeline and the update from the timeline into the setRelativeRotation.

This should do the trick.

Click play and see what happens

If anything fails, use “print string” and plug it in places to see where it is failing.