Camera rollback, Movements, and more!?

Hello, i’m new here and i’m learning slowly the engine.
I imported a zelda map to study it in the tool and added my character on it. But there are some bugs that need to fix and do not know how. I would like to learn.

1: When I walk with my character on the map, it floats in the air instead of staying on the floor.
2: When I move my character on the map (both directions), there is a rollback (camera? movement? idk) and the character seems to repeat the movements. What is it? How I fix it?

If someone can help me, thank you!

PS: Only blueprints plz =)

1: Sounds like a collision issue, I’m guessing your “map” is basically a bunch (or more likely one large mesh) of imported static meshes. Can you post a screenshot?

2: A video or GIF would help us more here.

Yes, I’ll post the screenshot and video

Screenshot: Dropbox - LinkBug_converted.png - Simplify your life

Video: Dropbox - ScreenCaptureProject1.mp4 - Simplify your life

If someone else can also help. =)

Well I’m going to stick with collisions being my answer to the first problem. As for your animation issues, it looks like the running animation has root animation (meaning the root point of the character is moving forward), meaning that as it loops that animation your character is moving forward and then snapping back to it’s origin point.

I understood. It was true. It was like animation, the skeletal character root. I changed the animation to skeleton and it worked. Thank you very much!