Camera Rig Rail: How to get smooth Camera move

Hi, I’m building a cinematic with a driving car POV shot. I have the camera attached to the camera rig rail (with Lock orientation to rail ticked) and I am hitting some nasty fake looking jerky motion when the camera reaches certain spline components of the rig rail. I’ve tried to smooth out the splines manually numerous times and tried to change the spline component ‘Type’ to CurveClamped but it still looks clunky and unrealistic. Any tips or workaraounds on how to get a nice smooth cam move? Should I ditch the rig rail entirely?

you could maybe bake the camera, then just clean the curves maybe?

Good idea - thanks!

I’m actually finding that without lock orientation on it’s relatively easy to keyframe the rotation. Seems to be the lock orientation that is very sensitive at the spline points