Camera Restraints only work when moving slowly?

I have a top down game I’m working on and I want to restrict the camera from moving beyond certain bounds. This works, unless I walk straight at these bounds quickly, then the camera ignores them and follows the player. I have a gif of this in effect and I’ll link some screenshots of my setup. As far as I can tell I’m not turning off the restrictions when moving, it seems to be some problem with how I set things up but I have no idea how else I’d restrict the camera.

You can see here walking straight to the bounds lets me walk right past it, then when I stop the camera snaps up to the bounds. I then walk up back to th e bounds to show again the camera works fine now.

Screen capture - cd827b9d68aabcd66c3975528a24ed28 - Gyazo

This screenshot is the basics of my restraints. I have variables keeping track of all four bounds (they change based on where I am in the level) I check if the player is close to one and then I start using the bounds instead of following the player completely. I use Vinterp to set the world location of the camera smoothly (Although I don’t think this actually affects anything since I’m using a camera boom and my interp speed is really high)

I have a camera attached to a spring arm with these lag settings

Hope somebody can help!