Camera Projectiles

I am trying to create a projectile that would shoot out and a camera in the UI would go to the view of the projectile, and after hitting a wall or NPC, would stick and be able to change between multiple cameras and views at will. Of course, this is no small task, but I would appreciate some help with it. What I have managed to find out is how to make the camera shoot out, and to make the character able to swap to that camera. The problem is to get a character reference so that I can go back to the character’s view and making the camera view go into the UI. Please if you find a solution put it in the comments or if you manage to find both, leave a full answer. Thank you UE4 users. You’re my only hope.

If you want to get a reference to your character (and you are not doing a networked multiplayer game) you can use this node anywhere in your project.


And then of course cast it to your own character blueprint type

Thanks, I forgot that was a block :stuck_out_tongue: I just kept using pawn and that kept assuming that the projectile was a pawn and doing nothing. Thanks for the help, I’ll try it out and get back to you

Okay I figured it out, I forgot that I cannot directly control the camera’s inputs unless I possess it, and I was trying to make the camera go back to the player FROM the camera. Thanks, you really helped out! :smiley: