Camera Problem! Trying to get LMB free orbit, RMB turns pawn too

I’m trying to emulate WoW camera controls, where LMB-drag orbits the camera (without affecting the character at all) while RMB-drag orbits the camera AND turns the character (yaw only) in the camera direction.

Setup is close to Third-Person starting. Heirarchy is Pawn>Capsule>SpringArm>Camera. Pawn has all “use controller rotation” options OFF. SpringArm has all Camera Settings ON. My current BP has RMB working great, but for the life of me I cannot manage the LMB, free orbit functionality.

Resolved a long time ago, but I don’t want to leave an empty post.

Here’s a Third Person Blueprint that has the functionality.

Mouse buttons set button-down variables and the camera capture control runs off Event Tick. LMB = Camera Orbit, RMB = Camera Orbit + Player Rotation. Note this setup required changing the captured rotation in Movement Input from Control Rotation (moved down to Event Tick and used only when RMB is pressed) to Actor Rotation.

Super basic, not the BEST implementation, but it works.