Camera problem in editor when ejecting

I have posted about this problem earlier to

Either many people don’t have this problem or they are used to how it works. It is very annoying when you want to eject and move around the map quickly to go check properties of objects while you are testing something. Since there was no answer in AnswerHub, maybe I have better luck here. I made a small video to demonstrate the problem:

First you can see me using eject and moving camera around using right mouse button and you can quite clearly see how rotation movement is constrained. Afterwards, you can see how there is no constraints to movement and I can move normally if I exit Play mode. While ejected, I can rotate the view bit by bit each time lifting the right mouse button and rotating some more until I hit the constraint again, but I don’t think it is supposed to work that way. Why does the camera act different in these two situations? Can I disable the camera constraints somehow when ejected during Play-mode? Is there something I missed that would fix this issue?

I’m not sure if I posted to the right section. Didn’t seem to fit any other category but if there is a more suitable forum section feel free to move this somewhere else.

Is this intended and this is how it works for everyone else too? There is no “freelook” while ejected like there normally is in the editor? Maybe I’m explaining the problem badly and it isn’t apparent from the video?

The camera constraints are actually due to your cursor hitting the edge of the viewport, and the cursor is what is really being constrained.

I figured out what causes this: If in Player Controller “Show Mouse Cursor” option is enabled, it seems to clamp ejected camera movement to the window. If it is disabled, looking around while ejected works without problems. Just leaving this here in case someone else is looking for the cause.

Thank you.

Thank-you! This is really annoying.

super annoying, hiding curson may not be option,

Please is there any workaround or fix for this issue ?