Camera preview mesh - can it be hidden/changed?

This might seem like a pointless endeavour, but it’s a quality of life thing!

I find that the camera preview mesh - the blue camera mesh that visualises the location of the camera in the editor only - is really big and gets in the way. Especially in a typical human-scale environment that contains more than a handful of camera components.

So, in a BP only project, is there an easy way I can either:

  • Toggle the camera mesh on or off,
  • Swap the mesh for a sprite,
  • or scale the mesh to <10% size?

Or if not, can that be added to the Show menu as a feature request?

Yup, the only thing you could do is select your camera then set its scale lower. Setting it to 0 will effectively make it disappear and this will not actually affect the camera’s ability to be a camera.

Thanks! I was so focused on the fact that the camera mesh doesn’t exist in game, that I never thought of actually setting the scale on the component. Seems really obvious now!

Any Epic devs reading this, it would make sense for the in-editor camera mesh to be toggle-able, rather than changing the game data to affect how it looks in-editor.

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