Camera Post Processing doesn't affect Slate, possibly other UI systems; is this intentional?

What the question says basically. I’ve been trying to do a fade with post processing/matinee on my UI based main menu, and both of them only affect the view beneath the UI. It seems weird for post processing to not affect the final fragments. Is this on purpose, or is there some other setting to enable for UI or something?

Hi all,

This has been a feature request for some time. Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-16058)

Since there aren’t very many votes the community interest seems low. I would recommend going there and voting on the feature request so that this can be viewed as more important to the community.



Yea, recently I’ve used sequencer fades and it’s the same issue with UMG as well; I’ve worked around it by creating a higher Z-Order UMG widget which simply works as a fader for everything with an animated black image. It would be nice to have an option within widgets to be affected by PP though, so i’ll upvote this.