Camera Position Import

So I’m currently working on a project where I am using a DJI phantom 3 professional to film some scenery and I’m going to composite the village I’ve made in unreal onto the drone footage.
I’m wondering is there a way to export the drone camera position and import it into unreal engine giving the camera the exact same position in unreal as it was on the drone?

Any help would be appreciated

Hey DafVader, did you ever find a solution to this?

Hey ConceptV

I never did find a solution, but being reminded of this question made me think of a possible solution: You could potentially camera track the footage in another software (i would use blender if i were to do it now, but it shouldnt matter) and just import the camera from the tracking sofrware into Unreal engine.

Thanks for the reply, I haven’t been able to find a direct solution either. I thought using After Effects to camera track and export to 3ds max (fortunately there’s a lot of great tutorials for that), then export to UE4. Both our options are pretty fiddly and tedious, but it doesn’t look like there’s any native way of doing it.