Camera Position and Object Position not working on Android?


We have started testing our scene settings on mobiles, and I have just came across a strange problem. We have decided to go with totally unlit scene, no lightmaps and no post-processing for our lowest performance tier. But what the scene really needs to look nice is some cool atmospheric perspecitve. So instead of using the fog I have decided to mix some predefined Fog Color directly into the materials, based on the objects’ distance from the camera. And it basically looks like this:



But when I built it on my Xperia M (60 FPS) the Fog effect got ignored. It simply does not calculate the Fog color into the shaders, and besides that, everything works fine. I have tested all 3 options for the Feature Level Preview in the Editor, and all of them work fine with my “fog”.

And this is how it looks on the phone:


So where is the catch?