Camera (Plz Help)

This might sound really basic. But what I’m trying to do is make my own camera, I’m not sure why but when I make a camera into my level and then click [PLAY] I can move around my map and beside that rotation the camera. I do not want that I just want a camera that look one way and can’t move.

Plz help.

Hi Gameboy

When you mean, make your own camera, are you talking putting a camera in the level that is static or actually making your own camera?


I want a camera that can’t move, and can’t rotation.


Can can just drag and drop one in the level.


Yeah. I’m not sure but when I test play my game it create a few object, maybe it have something to do with that.

Here the name of a few of them

or maybe it something with the gamemode

Have you chosen the right camera to posses?


i think so. how would you check

Trying find find that out now.

You want something like this

[video]Resident Evil 1: Chris walkthrough - Part One (standard mode) - YouTube


Yeah, that the camera I want.

By the way I did more research and found out the level blueprint
you need to make something like this.

Event Begin Play
Get Player Controller

Set View Target with Blender
White one = Event Begin Play
Player Control = Target
[Camera] = New View Target

I think this will work need to try it out, if it do I let you know, thank for all your help.

I forgot to reply, but I found out what was my error it was my game mode I needed to make a game mode and then change the pawn to my object I made and stuff like that.

By the way thank for your help.

You can also create a quick camera by dragging in a camera actor and setting “Auto activate for Player” in the details panel to “Player 0”. That will do what you are expecting. You can then add a component to that actor in the future to make it do more dynamic things if needed.