Camera / Player pawn movement on click event

Hi everyone !

I’m barely beginning on UE4 and I need your help ! :smiley:

I’m creating a menu for my game.

So I made a level entirely dedicated to the main menu. My intention is to have my pawn moving along a spline according to the menu items I clicked on.

The problem is : I have no clue on how to make it right and I don’t know what topic to look for. For now, when I click on “Play”, the game opens the next level. Next step : I’d like my pawn to move somewhere else when the “Play” button is clicked. What do you suggest to me to do first ?

Here’s some pictures on how I made it so far. My widget appears on my MenuPawn, which is my player pawn for my MainMenu level. The “OnClicked” functions are in the graph section of my MainMenu widget.

Thanks helping me !