Camera pitch/yaw disabled after input

It almost is certainly a blueprint thing. Can you show your character BP?

Hello. I’m having an issue where, after using a LMB input (no functions are attached to the input), the camera’s pitch and yaw cease to move unless I hold down either the LMB or RMB (RMB also doesn’t have anything attached, but is not tied to an input mapping). I’d like for the input to have no effect on the pitch and yaw. How do I do this?

The axis mapping for Turn is Mouse X and the LookUp is Mouse Y.

I have found that not calling setCustomMouseCursor results in the problem not occurring, but have been unable to determine what is missing (or should be missing from that function).

alt text


The above are all from the character BP

I found the underlying problem and solution to this. Using PlayerController.showMouseCursor = true and then clicking on the screen removes the mouse rotation. The solution is to setInputModeGameOnly in the event tick. I really don’t like putting this on a tick (and it’s hurting my frame rate), so I’ll be posting another question on alternatives to this approach.