Camera pawn will not move when possessed

We are over looking something and were overthinking this. In our level, we have 2 cameras. The level sequencer works perfectly and the other, weve spent 36 hours on and we are deferring to the community for some help, please.

When we begin our EXE, we are possessing the Level Sequencer Camera. This works great.

We have a HUD that has a play/pause button, a possess sequencer button, and an eject button that allows us to move camera 2, a Pawn-Class Camera.

Our Camera 2 has 2 functions to it:

  1. When the player presses the Eject button to possess our camera 2, we want it to move to the location on the level using various buttons linked to various locations around the map (this works great)!

  2. When the player gets to the location, we want to be able to fly our drone around the map after we get there. This is the part where we are in trouble.

The widget code is definitely working because we *can *possess the camera. When we possess the camera, we are in the proper x,y,z ROT and POS and we can rotate the camera and look around.

The issue is, we cant move! We even tried forcing the pawn to move and it wont go.

We know the issue is in our camera Pawn code, but we don’t know what we are missing. We also made sure that the inputs are in the Project Settings.

The ONLY thing that we can get to work is if we possess the debug camera. it does EXACTLY what we need it to do… but we have all the debug and the mobile-interface HUD that shows up immediately after its possessed. We know that we can press backspace to make it disappear, but the mobile-HUD remains. If we can turn that off manually, we can move forward… however, We are trying to do this correctly. After 36 hours, we cant afford to lose more time.

Can anyone please help?

The attached images contain:

  • Widget Code located on the Eject Button.
  • Pawn Image 00: Class Defaults 1
  • Pawn Image 00: Class Defaults 2
  • Project Settings Inputs: Class Settings

Update. Our dumbasses forgot to set the Pawn Input to Player 0. Idiots.

The camera moves when we press play on the unreal editor… but when we press play in our game, it still will not move when we possess the camera. We are looking into the pause/play switch. We can only possess the camera when the pause button is on. it may be freezing the movement altogether because its paused. checking…