Camera pawn image doesnt move

i have a camera Pawn and a Camera controller, the pawn only has a sphere and a cam both attached to a spring arm, the controller has all the blueprints for the camera actions, all of it working, X and Y movement,zoom, etc, i was trying to block the camera from getting out of the map with wall collision without success, this was when i came across this:

in case u cant see, the blue line is the original position of the pawn(sphere) and the red is the current however the sphere image appears on the blue still.
first thing i tough was that the “physical” pawn was disassociated from the controller but im still able to move the camera, so i dunno, anyone came across something like this before or any thoughts? any help is welcome :slight_smile:
if you want to take a look at the blueprints just say and ill post them here.