Camera Path Mantinee tutorials please

I am into creating nice videos using in game engine footage and Unreal Engine 4 would be perfect for that. it seems to have an updated/easier to use perhaps? mantinee toolset however i cant really figure out how to use it so well.

Maybe provide a new video tutorial on camera path editing for creating cinematic camera movements would be very nice thanks!

oooh i figured out how to do the camera path but now i want to figure out how to render the scene as a video. everytime i try it just renders the players start position. any help would be great!

Hi Evenios,
Currently we do not have any documentation posted about Matinee. However if you open the content examples project there are plenty of camera examples available for you to check out!

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In UE3 you had to use Matinee to set the viewpoint as the camera when the level started up. Should be the same with BluePrint? If you’re started up in FPS default or something like that it’s going to default to the players POV unless you tell it to.

I felt a lack of tutorials related to Matinee in Unreal 4 but I think they will come in the future.

Matinee thought the somewhat complicated in UDK, not yet open it in Unreal 4, but I believe that it should be easier to use and more integrated with the engine workflow.

I agree with you ! UDK 4 could be a really really powerfull tool to make series or movies . There is a lot of Indie media production team for realtime movie!! I never understand why UDK programers put the emphasis in the programation way , because all their marketing stuff shows : cinematics , trailers and storytelling!!!
Come one UDK guys ! please , I can’t believe you made a 4 min tutorial on how to rotate a prop in a scene and nothing at all about how to make a matinee camera cinematic to export for video editing !!!
Do it and I’m sure a lot of people subscribe the 20$ just for that :wink:
I’m a Iclone user and today there is a lot of free-cheap characters tool animation wich export data for UDK :
-Iclone via 3dxchange
-Truebone via Ikinima
-brekel mocap
-ipisoft , etc…
I suggest you to add in the startup window project like “cinematic default scene” and a tutorial to make a simple scene with outside build props , fbx character with animation, camera path and how to export a movie for postproduction process.
Thank you very much!

I’d love to see this as well and is actually the reason why I’ve bought UE4. Never done any game development in the past but this just seemed too awesome to pass up at this price with this kind of capability!

Ok done a bit more digging around.

Found this tutorial for UE3 – Tutorials – UE3 Cutscenes that introduces the very basics of matinee and how use the director and camera groups. Details of the MatineeActor let you choose the play on level load and such which is different than this tutorial.

Also if you set it to play on level load and then go back into matinee and “create move” it will play whatever scene you’ve setup first and then start the game. You can then just alt-tab and close that new video window and it will save the movie automatically to: \Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject2\Saved\VideoCaptures or your equivalent! Not sure how to get it to just stop rendering after the cinematic sequence yet.

5 seconds of 1980x1080 at 30fps was also 1.45gigs…would be nice to maybe have some compression options right in the editor, but ah well

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Here is a link to the current documentation on Matinee. I hope this helps! Matinee and Cinematics | Unreal Engine Documentation


Thank you guys !!
Hope UDK 4 team will make a video tutorial with the new blueprint tool , as you may notice there is a very big “clap” icone on the toolbar!!!
May it is for making easy-user-friendly Big Cinematics !! :wink: