Camera orientation jitter during some movements on character

I’ve got a character blueprint with a first person viewpoint. I’ve added a scenecomponent and set the camera as a child of it. The scenecomponent is simply a child of the capsule (i.e. nothing to do with the mesh etc).

So when I move the character forward, if I print out the forward vector of the camera, it remains stable. However if I move it backwards, I get a whole bunch of jitter on the forward vector, even though no rotation is being applied. It almost looks like there is some rotation being applied and then somehow reset for the character.

Here’s a video showing the issue: https://www…com/watch?v=fOYl1Kijo6Y#t=38

This also seems to happen from a third person viewpoint (I’ve attached a camera boom onto the capsule, then add a scenecomponent on to that and finally attach the camera to that component). So it appears to be something in general with capsule orientation changes fighting somehow with the forward vector of the camera.

NOTE: The camera render doesn’t jitter, so it appears to be some issue with the transform during the update phase that isn’t effected by the render transform, perhaps the blueprint tick is being called before orientations are reset in the capsule physics?

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Does jitter occur when you are moving left/right?
I got jitter when I was making a 1st/3rd person camera switcher, it’s related to “Use Controller Rotation Pitch/Roll/Yaw” and “Orient Rotation to Movement”.

Hope it helps!

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Yeah, it does. Left/Right/Backwards seem to cause jitter, forward doesnt. Which makes me suspect that something is updating the orientation of the capsule and then something else is changing it back, but I’m getting the tick at some point in between.

Sorry , but I still think this is a bug. The fact is that the camera when it renders does not jitter, but its forward vector does. So clearly there is a mismatch between what is rendered and what is used during blueprint update.

, you can’t really see the issue in a screenshot, which is why I added the video showing whats wrong. Essentially I have a smooth camera viewpoint, but the trace that I do that is taken from that camera forward vector jumps around as I move the character the camera is attached to.

Hi zombapup,

Can you post a screenshot of your player character so we can see what may be occurring? Thank you!

Hi zoomba,

I do understand and I can see the results of the camera behavior. However, if I can see the character blueprint I can try to reproduce the effect on our end by replicating your setup.

Hey , sorry about the delay here.

I’ve created a test-case using an example third person blueprint template character with the following event tick added:

If you add a scenecomponent attached at somewhere above the head of the character (the point was to raise the third person view so the target wasn’t obscured by the trace for this particular test case).

My point is that if you run around with the character changing left-right movement quickly, you’ll notice that the trace lines actually “jiggle” with the character momentarily, which isn’t the case for the actual camera being used to render the scene, which theoretically is the same camera used for the trace. So with respect to the trace camera you should never see any movement of the trace, however you do. Which is what I’m seeing in game when I try to render my teleport target position.

Let me know if this makes things clearer?



Hi ,

If you are using both Use Controller Rotation Pitch/Roll/Yaw" and “Orient Rotation to Movement” that might be causing the jitter. Try deselecting “Orient Rotation to Movement” and see if that helps.

Hi ,

We have not heard from you in quite some time. I am marking this question as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this issue please comment and let us know so we can further assist you. Thank you!

, thank you very much for posting this! I’ve been experiencing this problem for a long while now. For me un-checking the Orient Rotation to Movement helped considerably.