Camera orbiting around non centered object

So if I have a camera and an object, each in it’s own blueprint, I’d like to have the camera look at the object.
BUT, I don’t want to have the object right at the center in the camera view, but more to the right.

The problem appears when I have to make the camera orbit the object, but also keep the object non centered when looking at it.

The view I want to maintain is depicted in the image below. The square would be the object(non centered), that would have to remain in that position of the camera view even when the camera orbits around that object.

Anyone have any idea how to arrange the code and what functions to use to achieve this?

Hi man ,
Here, i set the camera location , taking the location of the character, getting his Back direction , and making a bit of offset.
The multiply nodes you see , build up the vectors .

The second part make the camera rotate to look , at the location of the Char, with added an offset.
same as before, i take the Left vector of the char and multiply it for a N to get the distance i want.
Added to the location of the char. and set the camera rotation.