Camera or Spring Arm component resets every time I playtest.

Am I going crazy?

Camera is attached to Spring Arm component. Setting a Rotation or an Absolute Rotation does absolutely nothing in the Blueprint’s viewport:

In the editor Viewport, it looks as it should be to how I set it in the Blueprint’s viewport.

Upon pressing play, it all resets back to the default Spring Arm/Camera position. I even tried to just rotate the camera by itself and it all resets. What am I doing wrong here? I need the Camera Settings Use Pawn Control Rotation checked here and I even tried going through toggling each Inherit Pitch/Yaw/Roll and it’s defiant. Can’t just have a camera by itself or else I’ll lose the Lag functionality with the Spring Arm.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can steer me in the correct direction (or rotation, if we want to be technical)!

I think you need to set the offset on your spring arm to whatever location you want the camera to be, moving it around in the viewport wont keep it at that location when you hit play it will just snap the camera back to the initial location of the spring arms end, hope that helps.

Ahh, that was it! For the position, that’s exactly what my issue was; not setting up the offset. For the camera’s rotation not sticking, I had “Use Pawn Control Rotation” set on the Camera too, which is what was causing that problem. Didn’t realize that setting was on both the Spring Arm and Camera component.

Thanks much!

Glad I could help :slight_smile: