Camera operation - What's your preference?

Hey I’ve been running into finicky issues and I’m just wondering how peeps switch and run their player cameras.

In my game you can posses a couple types of actors. As is they all just have an inactive camera until xyz game behavior gets called then I’m just using blend to.

it feels pretty wasteful and I’m having issues transitioning post process biz from peep to peep.
my main issue is just annoying, not huge or anything. after turn based fights: i add a darkening post process and display like level up info etc… finish then blend camera to player. I found it to be kind of fiddley, and i had to tweak my transition timings a lot so things did look choppy or weird.
I’m just worried its going to get more fiddly moving forward.

I’m thinking about putting the camera on the player controller and having all of the actors i would be blending to just have spring arms but I’m not sure if that’s just going to be more heart ache.
I was also thinking about like mario64 and making the camera its own actor. but i have really thought it out yet.

I would use the camera manager class to handle more in-depth behavior, but it’s I’ve not been able to grasp it personally.

If you are changing between cameras and need extra effects going on, it sounds best to handle the extra in bp or code. Seeing the final effect is a little tougher because it’s through code, but it’s smoother in the long run. For example, I have a camera effect call when the player dies. It’s using the post process effect node as well as a timeline to blend the transition. I have a temp Input key to kill myself so I can call it for testing.

I wouldn’t think having multiple cameras is wasteful. You only look through one at a time, it’s otherwise just a transform.