Camera on the right while it is in the right place in the viewport

Hi, I m new here, I am not sure if this is the place where I should ask this so feel free to move the thread to the right place if needed !

Well the title explains my problem clearly, I have followed a tutorial for the Third person to First person switch ( with a zoom ) on Youtube ( this one : ) but at the end my camera isn’t just behind my character but a little bit ( quite a little bit in fact ) on the right, any one has an idea on to how I could fix that ?


Look into hierarchy of components (it is that list of components on left top part of screen, when you in VIEW tab)
See all components one by one starting from top most node. They are in kind of tree (like folders in windows).
Check all those components if any of them is moved to the side. You can see that by either looking at them in 3d view, or checking numbers X: y: z: in top right part of editor called PANEL.

You probably dragged something that camera is connencted to, thus creating offset.

But yet better way would be doing that tutorial again, this time you should stop at every step and research what it does, ie. dig deep into things that you are following after tutorial.
This was my method for learning unreal 4 when it was released. Reason for following tuts is to learn, so why not to use tutorial to its max potential.

For ex. i followed tutorial about character setup about 5 times, every time doing a bit of my own stuff where i knew what is going on. Same with AI. At some point i could discover new things that were added after tutorial was made.

Thank you for your reply, I did’nt yet tried what you proposed but just to answer on the thing about tutorials, in fact I have tried on 6 differents projects, done that for almost 3-4 hours already ( not counting the whole night ahaha ) but it does have the same result everytime, maybe the tutorial is too “old” and some things have changed ( saw a comment of the video author saying his tutorial wasn’t working anymore but someone answered him that it does work for him so I m trying again and again ! )

EDIT: So I looked for those components and all, haven’t seen that before so I am not sure if it the same thing ( I mean it might not be related with my original problem ) but the CameraBoom is in fact at the right of my Character, the problem is that I can’t move it … So how should I do that ? ( it is attached to the character, armlength= 0 + parent socket = head, is this the problem ? )

EDIT: Created a new project, that Camera Boom refusing problem again, I followed the author steps one by one, the only thing I can’t do is when the tricolor arrows exchanges their places, he tries to move it but he can’t ( the location numbers are changing but the camera boom isn’t moving ) then he undoes that and tries to move it again and then it works ???

Well, I finally managed to move the Camera Boom, have done perfectly everything but still in the game the camera is on the right of the head ( I checked the components, they are at their place ) …