Camera on Crane - exporting sequence to FBX


I’m trying to use UE to keyframe camera movement, using sequences and the crane to record live (and realistically constrained) camera moves. However, when I export to .fbx and into Max, I have the following issues:

  • I get a parent/child relationship between crane and camera in Max, but the crane is just an empty object (e.g doesn’t include the camera mount) and as a result the camera’s relative (child) transform is static at the origin, as no crane movement is exported.

  • I could solve that if there was an option to export World transform from a sequence, but that doesn’t seem to be possible. As a result the camera never moves from (0, 0, 0). (Rotation comes through fine, it’s just position that is causing the trouble.)

Is there any workaround here? Or an option I’m missing somewhere? It would be super helpful to export crane- and rail-based camera moves from a sequence.


What you need to export is the world position of the camera.
You can write a sequence event to get the world position of the rocker camera and pass it to the new root camera