Camera on a rail system

I dont know what im doing but i need to attach my character onto a rail to make a scenic camera for the main menu of the game im working on. so i have the rail system started with a “cart” on the track running fine but if i attach an actor it no longer works. ive tried searching around for similar methods but have only found the camera moving along a track when the player moves.

Attached is my code for the cart attached to the rail. anything i can change to make the character be attached to it or a free floating camera and make that the default camera somehow for the main menu?

I think you could try to insert a vector lerp node (with alfa on alpha input), get Carl world location on A and target location on B. You could try another ways to move it too, like Add offset, Move component or Set relative lcoation.

If you can’t find a solution please let me know, i have did it in many VR projects.