Camera offset maya to ue4?

Hi guys!

We’ve been working on a short film for school on Maya and we’re trying to switch the render engine from Arnold to UE4 (4.26). We’ve been working with the camera offset parameters and can’t find the equivalent in UE4. Does the parameter even exist? Is there a way to change it manually or with some code?

We have looked online everywhere and the only solution we can find is to move the cam BUT our parameters need to stay as they are in Maya.
We have tried exporting the cams as FBX, DAE FBX and even tried using the live link option, but the offset doesn’t work.

How could we solve this problem?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I don’t think it exists unfortunately. You can adjust the film back but nothing about resolution gate. I could be wrong but if it exists, it’s buried deep.

any of the pan/zoom stuff you see in maya is not transferrable to unreal’s camera

an alternate solution would just be to render at 4k
then reframe the render in post

Hi guys!!
Im having the same problem for a video mapping production where the camera come from C4D with a Film Offset… Someone make this c++ implementation of the camera matrix the last year and when play on game mode you can see the correct camera, but now i need it to render out some sequences, what is not working!!
If any of you who knows coding can help with this would be great!!
This is the file

Thanks in advance…