Camera not spawning with proper rotation

I am trying to spawn a camera for a top down game the camera spawns OK but doesn’t have the correct rotation, it’s not looking down at the character but forward.

here are some screenshots showing what I’ve done

this is what the camera looks like in-game, it should be pitched forward by 90 degrees to look at the character below but isn’t for some reason.

That’s the blueprint for the camera, it moves with the character on the x and y axis and hovers above it on the z, the set target function just sets the camera target variable. in the viewport the camera is facing downwards, which is why I am confused as to why it’s facing forwards in-game.

this is where the camera actor is spawned by the character within the characters begin play event, the target variable is set here as well.

My question is how do I get the camera to face downwards?

And before anyone asks, No, I can’t use a spring arm attached to the character because I want the character to rotate with the mouse and having the camera attached makes that go horribly wrong.

I’m not understand how it’s work. You’ve create separate camera component in separate blueprint and want to use is for your character?

If player character doesn’t have camera component, it will be created by player camera manager. I’m not sure that “SetNewTarget” should work in this case.

If you want to create some kind of separate camera, you must create new PlayerCameraManager class. Specify it in your default PlayerController class as default camera manager. Then in this manager you can override BlueprintUpdateCamera function and set camera’s world transform there.